HI, MY NAME IS Dinesh Vardhelly & I AM A

With around 4 years experience, I've worked on many roles including Bigdata Developer,
Android Developer and freelancer. This site showcases some of my work.

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Welcome to Nani Creative Labs, your number one source for all things. I am dedicated to providing you the best, with a focus on dependability and innovative technology.

I’m a Bigdata and Android Developer. I hold a MBA degree of Information Systems from New Jersey Institute of Technology.I am working to turn my passion for Technology to make lives easier. I hope you enjoy my products and help them grow.

Mobile Apps

I have started android development as hobby and developed mobile apps that excited me. Here are some of the Apps that are in Google Play store.

Things I can do

I am a man of many things.I get excited exploring new technologies,
These are some of many things that i have learnt and implemented tasks.

Bigdata Development

worked on technologies like Hadoop, Hive and Spark


Worked on technologies like Shell scripting, python, java.

Android Development

worked on personal projects which excited me.


supported big data projects and java projects


Learnt and worked with software like Photoshop,after effects, maya etc..

Short Films

Worked on short films for vfx, editing and camera


Live the Life of Your Dreams.
Be brave enough to live the life of your dreams according to your vision and
purpose instead of the expectations and opinions of others.

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